Story leaving all online forums forever

Oct 12, 2022
These forums mess with your head. I came with a social circle, had a chill life. But I was gaslighted into believing into this stupid shit

Life is about having fun wid friends, and not caring about shit. Some users were good, 90% were faggots. PSL and these forums are just a phase. One day you will look back and realize how much time spent on here was useless

its just a place to talk about meaningless topics. Those bbc shitposts were jokes, most of my friends irl are white or ethnic

Online barriers make people act differently. Read through some of ur old posts and your gonna probably cringe.

Im gonna start living in real life. first step is deleting my accounts on all platforms.

Goodbye. Fuck any users that i beefed with, ur still my abused dog even after my e-death


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