Last day to participate in Incel paid survey!


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Nov 7, 2022
Kevin logan

Last day to participate in Incel paid survey!​

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Kevin logan

>He does for free​

Vigiles Urbani
Hey Kevin Logan,

If you're interested in participating in a paid study about incels you can do so here, today is the last day:

You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on a link for the survey.

The Swansea University Research on the Incel Community (SURIC) is a piece of research aimed at conducting empirical research to better understand the dynamics of the incel (involuntary celibate) community, and individuals who identify as incel.

Their Mission Statement:

We are aware that members of the incel community are often skeptical about academic research and the agenda/motive of the research team. In an effort to be open about our position, we have the following "mission statement". As a research team we commit to:

Base psychological findings around direct engagement with the incel community and individuals rather than linguistic analyses of internet posts

Investigate incel beliefs and behaviour without sensationalising or demonising them.

Not judge the entire community, or all incels, by the actions, behaviors, or views of the most extreme minority of incels

Base our findings on the biggest sample of incel participants of any study

Base our findings on a broader representation of the incel community including multiple definitions of incel identity (e.g., forum users and non-forum users, or people who only identify with the life circumstance).

Use a data driven approach to investiate potential avenues for understanding incel beliefs and behaviour and to help address the problems associated with such beliefs and behaviour.

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