Is there a loophole to ever own land in SEA?


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hmm.. so you cant own land if ur not a filipino resident.

but i think you can get filipino residency if you marry a foid and stay there x years etc.. then that would mean u can buy one right?

then if not i guess im not really bothered about owning, since its so cheap to rent there.

but other options if u ever did want to...

maybe just do what it says, let somoene else like ur gf own 60%. and u own 40%. and if u have a baby with her. lets face it ur never gonna break up.

and if i ever did, id put a gun to her head or threaten to pay someone to kill her unless she sells it and gives my money back


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so you cant own land if you arent a resident but here in jew s a theyll let an immigrant and any foreign investor buy real estate and fuck the whole housing market up. cucked life.
my thoughts too. so they can buy land in my country, but i cant buy it in theirs. fucking scum