Vent I'm conflicted


Aug 12, 2022
Top Floor
The women I'm primarily attracted to live in shithole crime filled countries (Latinas), I know people say stay in the rich areas but the richer girls most likely have many options and higher standards, what would you guys recommend?
Wdym man, why can't you just speak to latinas you're attracted to on IG and take them to the nice areas of South America.
IG is useless because you're competing with like 100 guys I prefer the warm approach irl.
It doesn't make a difference in my mind because a woman can pick between guys who warm approach and guys who IG dm her. In my mind warm approaching should only be done if you're waiting in line and there's a cute girl in front of you. Those red pill guys who only go outside to warm approach girls are cringy imo.
I think in places like Medellin and bogota there’s areas where everyone goes like public parks and shut just go there

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