If you plan to live in Thailand on a tourist visa..


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Jul 31, 2022
Don’t re enter the country too many times.

If you do, there’s a high chance you’ll get questioned around the 4th time you get a tourist visa stamp in your passport

Just flew back to bangkok today and they tried to say how I had visited Thailand too much and i was not gonna be allowed back in until next year lol

The old lady immigration worker was annoying af and was the one that wanted to ban me for a year but the male immigration officers weren’t that bad. Surprising considering I go there to fuck their women

They don’t discriminate based on race or passport cuz I saw white Australians and Americans being questioned too. One of the oldcels that was being questioned said that this is a new thing

Basically they don’t allow visa runs anymore and if you do it for 4 times in a year you’ll get banned for a year unless you have a good excuse like me

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What was ur good excuse?

Also good thing these SEA countries making it harder to stay there. This , Vietnam. Higher barrier to entry = less saturation

Then just the minority of smart people figure out ways to bypass visa

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