I will ascend and slay all of SEA


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I'm not gonna be some old ass 60 yo obese nig who wants to get some pina for a week. Or some recessed Norwood 9 cuck who is traveling off his pension.
I will be a young tall gymmaxxed white master race prettyboy chad with yellow fever. Something only little SEA gooks can only dream of. I will go from city to city, village to village slaying and cucking all the local men from their wives and daughters. It's time for me to ascend and Genghis kahnmaxxx. I will be known as the SEA Slayer. I will do anything that it takes.
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Try to go next year
I gotta surgerymaxx first and have a solid remote income. Hopefully I can start my surgerymaxxing this year. Because my jaw is recessed and maxilla. Can't get worse then this

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