I love how latinas worship me

i knew a guy in high school that had sex with 10 girls that ive never seen or heard of and he told me they all go to different schools thats why ive never seen them.
He is a liar, you should call him in his bullshit
teens shouldnt be saying theyre incel. that should be reserved for people that made it past college as khhvs. i deserve more respect than i get. i deserve to be worshipped as er is worshipped. my true wizard powers will be unleashed on the day of retribution.
Comes back to the forum to be a bragging faggot, how typical
i never had sex when i was as old as you and was poor anyways. paying bills and the cost of living is worse than paying for sex. youll find out once you are done being a neet rotter.
Yeah imagine now vs 15 years ago the expenses

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