I just spent all day learning Asian beauty standards


6ft4. geomaxxed. moneymaxxed. catmaxxed.get mogged
Sep 1, 2022
I just spent all day learning Asian beauty standards

How has none of us realised this yet

If we’re going to asia

We need to looksmaxx to Asian beauty standards u retards

And their fashion sense and hairstyles


I want my white and black brothers to succeed

I want u guys to go over to east Asia and fuck their girls cos I hate Korean faggots

You guys have the right genes

But you’ve got the wrong toolbox for looksmaxxing , most of u don’t GET IT

PM me some details about u and I’ll give u a fully custom plan to looksmaxx perfectly to East Asian beauty standards

and you’ll literally become a gigachad there
It’s actually so so brutal

It’s literally impossible for an avg Korean to hit any korean beauty standards without surgery 😹😹so fucked up standards…

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