how common are hostile natives in sea and nea?

men in sea are cucks and they will welcome white men who are going to fuck their daughters and their sons (ladyboys).
some in nea might be a bit hostile, i saw a video about some ea guys harrassing a white dude for stealing "their" women.
just be careful
Here in the Philippines I never had jealous guys harrass me. There are no incels here because society and demographics are still healthy. So they don't care because they pretty much all have a girlfriend anyways. My girlfriend gets hit on all the time, but she just has to say she has a white boyfriend and they move on. Although there's probably still a few "cucks" as said earlier by someone else, but most of the time they simply move on because there's plenty of fish in the sea. As I said earlier, there is no shortage of good women in here compared to the west.

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