Had a weird gay experience and am more straight than before


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Jan 3, 2023
I was considering if I was gay for a few days so I stopped masturbating to see what my natural lust would go towards. Well I'm not gay or bi because it was completely towards women. I had a dream where I fucked my friends sister it was great.

But during this period of questioning my sexuality I explored my possible attraction for men. I realize now that this attraction was more like an artistic appreciation for the male form. And this aesthetic attraction was only for white men. I didn't have any appreciation for blacks at all, like I was only thinking about white guys. Makes me realize that the girls that bang BBCs are just whores, and most of them are ugly with huge coomer booties.

Every time I stop tom hanking I notice that my attraction changes. I go from liking thick girls with huge asses to preferring skinny girls. It's more natural.

TL;DR I'm not gay, BBCpill isn't a big deal, white men are most attractive, skinny girls fog