Vent Dark skin only pulls if you are tall and wide framed


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
Since dark skin is a more of masculine trait, people expect you to be masculine too especially with face and height. If you are dark skinned like a black guy you either have to be NBAmaxxed athletic 6'5 Michael Jordan or a thugmaxxed rapper 6'4 Snoop Dogg.

You don't see short dark skins getting laid or even get respected, think of 5'3 Kevin Hart his literal career is getting shat on by everyone else. Even 5'7 Jaden Smith is turning to tranny. Short height is a feminine trait and nobody likes contradictories.

The only way I see a dark skin like curry (dravidian) or gook (yellow to darker ones) slay is that they are TALL and wideframed like the two NBA or thugmaxxed Tyrones I mentioned above in the first paragraph.

Zer0 is a retard for saying dark skinned curries are better than light skin curries.
I've noticed that pheno doesn't matter that much in Canada as long as you are tall. In Halifax I saw curries and Asians with white girls but they were all tall. The short ones were incels.

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