Advice Best way to looksmax with the JBW theory


Sep 17, 2022
I am a 16 year old white male living in the DC area. My high school is full of ethnics+blacks so I feel like I am already in a prime JBW area for pulling hispanic, and hapa foids. What should I do to help my jbw chances.

Have a look at my stats

Height: 5' 11.5" barefoot. I usually wear air forces or other lift shoes so I appear 6'-6'1"
Weight 160-165 lbs around 17-18 percent body fat with a decent amount of muscle
Dark Brown (Nearly Black) hair. Longish emo cut
Face around 5/10, my jawline is my worst feature

What would be the best route to get laid, Idc about relationships or anything like that.
how do you find out whos the biggest whore but not ugly. I have used yubo it's like tinder but more cringe.
Gossip, you'll definitely know who the whore is by people gossiping and talking, nobody secrets are safe in high school

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