Advice Best way to looksmax with the JBW theory


I am a 16 year old white male living in the DC area. My high school is full of ethnics+blacks so I feel like I am already in a prime JBW area for pulling hispanic, and hapa foids. What should I do to help my jbw chances.

Have a look at my stats

Height: 5' 11.5" barefoot. I usually wear air forces or other lift shoes so I appear 6'-6'1"
Weight 160-165 lbs around 17-18 percent body fat with a decent amount of muscle
Dark Brown (Nearly Black) hair. Longish emo cut
Face around 5/10, my jawline is my worst feature

What would be the best route to get laid, Idc about relationships or anything like that.


Every school has a school whore, just try to fuck her maybe. You can also try yubo the app


how do you find out whos the biggest whore but not ugly. I have used yubo it's like tinder but more cringe.
Gossip, you'll definitely know who the whore is by people gossiping and talking, nobody secrets are safe in high school