best country for a guy like me?


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I’m a short latino male.

I already have a few countries that I’m interested in visiting and I’ll explain my thoughts on them.


I like russia but the language is very difficult to learn and the place is very is cold. Everyone says it’s miserable to live there too. I’ve had a few experiences with Russian women online (OF) and they always come off as gold diggers and very manipulative. Now ofc I don’t know if that is indicative of the entire female population but the stereotypes seem true.


I like anime and video games so Japan has always caught my attention. I as a native spanish speaker have always found it easier to pronounce Japanese and I really like the language. Japan just seems cool. I find very few of the women attractive though. But if they are easy then the trip might just be worth it.


It just straight up sounds good on paper.


I actually don’t know much about it

Tai Bwo Wannai

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That's always the place to start. I looked into Russia too but the women are weird and faggoty and I seem to only match with 35+ year old roasties online.

You can get free sex from apps with young girls (18+) in the Philippines. They will cook for you and treat you well. Idk if white women do that these days.