Asian women seek white donor eggs for light skin babies


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Sep 1, 2022

The wealthy single Chinese women choosing white sperm donors to have a baby – they want a family but not a Chinese husband​

  • Most unmarried women in China are unable to access fertility treatment and sperm banks at home
  • Successful women who don’t wish to marry turn instead to Western sperm donors, picking them from catalogues before going overseas for IVF treatment

(if a woman gets money in asia she would rather go overseas to get IVF sperm donor treatment to get white sperm)​

and the only reason most women don't do that is because they can't afford it.​

Money and education for asian women is their ticket to white sperm(being able to move country)(being able to get white sperm donor)​

"Looking at page after page of childhood photos, Xiaogunzhu was drawn to an image of a French-Irish boy with smiling dark blue eyes. But she was not admiring her lover’s family album, she was browsing a catalogue of potential sperm donors – the 39-year-old is one of an increasing number of affluent single women in China seeking a child, but not a husband."​

Letters | Good news that Chinese women aren’t waiting for a man to have a baby, but why choose white sperm donors?​

It is good to know that the perception of women in China has changed, and educated professionals no longer believe in the stereotype that a family must have a father. There are reproductive rights activists to voice what women want. Even though there are limitations for women to have children without a husband in China, they now can seek help from clinics in Western countries.
However, their choice of sperm donors is interesting. Rather than sperm donors of Chinese/Asian ethnicity, they tend to choose Caucasian donors. The beauty standards of Chinese have changed little over the years. Many of them prefer foreign physical traits, like the double eyelids mentioned in the article. It shows that the Chinese are xenophilic.

They have built up an image that China is the best in the world, while, concurrently, they worship foreigners. How hypocritical is this?
As the world changes, I believe more and more women in China will never marry. Maybe it is also a sign of growing feminism in China.

(feminist countries are actually a good thing for us geomaxxers because that means all women would rather be single than date an asian man)

however non-feminist poorer countries like SEA, the girls get betabuxxed, money matters there so they get locked into relationships a lot more with asian men

Danish sperm and egg bank Cryos International has created a Chinese website and added Chinese-speaking staff. American and European sperm banks told AFP that they have increasing numbers of Chinese clients. -...

Asian women seek white donor eggs for light skin babies​

Couples from Asian ethnic groups in Britain and countries such as India, China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are requesting white donor eggs from doctors for ??designer?? babies. Some cannot find Asian egg donors, or perceive lighter skin as more attractive.

Robeena, 29, a secretary, and Duleep, her husband, 30, a counsellor from Birmingham, are trying to conceive using a white donor egg. Both prospective parents have brown eyes, black hair and light brown skin.

The Birmingham Women??s hospital provided an egg from a white woman with brown eyes and brown hair. It will be fertilised with the man??s sperm to produce a mixed-race baby.

??My nieces, nephews, brother, aunties, sister-in-law, father-in-law are all light- coloured and have green/blue eyes so I would have preferred a baby

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@korea123!! if my women were seeking sperm donors from another race on mass scale i would end my life no cap
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fuck man... life is just 1 big sperm bank ...

of course theyre only gonna pick the top %

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