You are in a zoo


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
And there is an enclosure with a tiger in it, with an electrified fence separating you and tiger inside. Tiger wants to maul you but it can't because the electrified fence would shock the tiger lights out should it jump on to maul you. Does that mean the tiger doesn't want to maul you?

Absolutely not.

Same principle applies to when you are a normie (or anything sub 8 and sub 6'5) married to a becky foid, where the foid wants to monkeybranch to a 6'3 trust fund chad or a 6'5 korean kpop model but she hasn't find the opportunity yet. Or a 6'5 tallfag ogre snarling upon you waiting the perfect moment to attack you (because he knows he can get away from it be it from you or any law) but he hasn't yet because you did not drop your guard yet.

Never be fooled by the arbitrary writings, the jungle is always here. It's kill or be killed, civility is a pretense to deliver the kill more effectively.

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