Would it be a good idea to go to college in the US, take out as much in student loans as possible and go study abroad to later default?


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Aug 20, 2022
So what I was originally planning to do was go study at a university abroad and get my entire degree there (for example in Argentina it's completely free and there are no entrance exams). However upon reevaluating this option I realized there were 2 major issues.

1) A non-US degree, this goes without saying really, half of Americans probably wouldn't even be able to spot Mexico on a map let alone know some place like Argentina. The only realistic way to live in a foreign country while not getting paid like a complete slave is of course to work for a foreign (American) company and having an American degree augments your chance of getting hired.

2) Gives you a good idea of where you can and can't geomax without having to make long term commitments. Shortest study abroad programs are a few months (maybe a semester minimum depending on the program) to a full year. That's hardly any time wasted if it turns out not to work and if it does work then you're all set anyways.

I was thinking of doing this when I get into college and getting multiple degrees or getting a PHD in one area (so I can take out as many loans as possible and geomax to as many areas as possible). I have 2 passports anyway (although my second one is not as strong) and I'd be perfectly fine with renouncing my US one (or at least never living here again). Thoughts on this theory and if it might work realistically?

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