Advice Will geomaxxing ever really become saturated? [Answers inside]


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Sep 1, 2022
Will geomaxxing ever really become saturated?

- Most men are too bluepilled and will keep getting rejected by white women every day for their lives

- Most men don't even like asian women, let alone SEA women. Statistically.

- Only a very small % of men actually find out about geomaxxing and get good info on it

- An even smaller % of men can quit their career which they've worked towards their entire life and persue an online remote career and actually get a job in it which allows them to travel around. Even smaller % can make business/freelancing work.

- An even smaller % have the balls to actually leave their family, friends life at home

- If you have to resort to all this shit, you're probably not an above average man. You're probably below average height and face and have been forced to do this.

- There is a massive language barrier in most countries apart from the main like 1-2 countries so an even smaller % of men will study the language and become fluent in it

- There's way more gooks than whites/mulatto's in the world. Like way way more. And the white population is literally declining while the asian population is forever increasing. There's not enough white/black guys to fulfill gooks needs

Even if it does become more saturated, yes it'll get a bit harder. But all that matters is , its always going to be much easier than the west.

Honestly don't think anyone has anything to worry about in the saturation department.

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We live in an era of globalisation and immigration yet people are still able to slay in places like sea.

However I do think that geomaxxing will get oversaturated one day just look at tinder. It just depends on when.
Not in general but certain hotspots maybe

Big cities in SEA are similar to the west in terms of competition but still easier than the west

Looksmaxxing while geomaxxing is the best formula

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