Why SEA girls will prefer a Korean gigachad over a white gigachad


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Sep 1, 2022
Why SEA girls will prefer a Korean gigachad over a white gigachad

SEA girls are asian women.

The Korean and Japanese men like the bowl cuts may result from the “cuteness culture” or even so-called “Kawaii culture” from Japan. Being Kawaii has been viewed very positive in Japan and many other East Asian countries and women from these regions love the feature. Men with some cuteness are attractive to women and thus increase the chance to have dates. So unlike the generally-more-popular masculinity of men in the world, Eats Asian men have another option: to be cute. To achieve that impression, not only having a bowl cut but also do use some cosmetics or facial masks to make skin look more shiny and white. in Korea, makeup for men is highly encouraged and advertised. Men are advised to put makeups on or even do beauty surgeries to look more perfect, young or “cute”.

One thing that is more interesting: in gay men’s culture in East Asia, the cuteness culture for men mentioned above is completely no in favor. Gay man with these features are viewed as famiite as well and will be looked down upon. They usually do the masculine looks and worksout a lot to look more muscular. So there’s a saying that if you see a Japanese man o the street with short hair, heavy moustache and beard, tanned skin, built-up body and wearing shorts and slippers, he must be gay; and if a man with long hair, some makeup on, wearing tight jeans and trendy pointy leather shoes, he is totally straight.
Asian women's type is pretty and cute men with attractive facial features. but then with the tallest and widest body

Average korean face is very hard to make pretty
1664101190402 and they are 5'8.5 in avg.

a korean only becomes attractive when he fits all of these things

avg Korean men are born with 0 of them things. avg white men are born with all of those things

so basically a korean only becomes attractive when he surgerymaxxes to look white -lighter hair also common

The problem is

in the west, cuteness and these gay preferences for longer girly hair and clothes etc are literally laughed at and women dont seem to want that

In the west you can only become a gigachad when you looksmax for the opposite of asian women's type
- masculinity, shorter hair, darker hair, darker skin

white gigachads(tyler maher) looksmax for white womens preferences which is masc which is the opposite
tanned, masculine, short hair, muscley , not cute etc...(the opposite of what they want)

So yeah SEA women prefer: korean gigachads which have looksmaxxed to be an avg white in every aspect OR an avg white
they like long haired prettyboy whites but that content kinda just doesnt get pushed anywhere but in gay white communities.
I’m not sure their preferences for blacks I think Alex said they like lightskins with dreads so it’s still pretty and cute and nice lips etc which still fits their preferences

tdlr: korean gigachads looksmax for asian womens preferences.... white gigachads looksmax for white womens preferences(the polar opposite of asian women's in every way)
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the hard thing is they don't exist. They are terrible at putting on muscle mass, are shorter, etc. You can't have cake and eat it.

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