News Why is south america so high T and primal. whereas Asians are low T and not primal [Top 10 Highest&Lowest Murder Rate Countries]

Latinos have more testosterone (which increases aggression) than Asians and live in shittier conditions. Shitty living conditions + high T equals violent society.
Amerindians were always violent. Motherfuckers practised human sacrifice in three different, well-known religions (Mapuche Aztec Inca) that are thousands of kilometers and biomes apart from eachother
it disproves looks theory. 5"2 nicauragan shitskin fucking latina stacies on the daily simply due to being statusmaxxed
A female has no ability whatsoever to defend herself against a attacker therefore her psychology is predicated towards submitting to things that can hurt/kill her or seen as dangerous. Thus why many women have rape fantasies and thus why they fuck these "bad boys".

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