Why Don’t I get get matches on SEA Tinder


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Aug 18, 2022
I’ve gotten pretty much zero matches and only a few likes. I put 6’3/1.92 in my bio. There’s my profile


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Autistic pictures

Read this too

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Autistic pictures

Read this too

So what should I do
Nigger I mog him and u to death


Haha yeah you mog me supposedly yet no matches. Hmmm.

I always get matches when I spoof to Thailand and my pics are probably worse than yours minus the blatant autism and antisocial vibe.

For anyone else reading this, I've lived in SEA for a while now and know how to run pretty efficient Tinder and IG game. If you want help on setting up a profile, a critique or general advice, hit me up.
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they like white skin, you have darker skin than them. why would a girl date down? stay in the west retard
your problem is you look exactly like them

they want literally the opposite of all of your features