Why Don’t I get get matches on SEA Tinder


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Aug 18, 2022
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I’ve gotten pretty much zero matches and only a few likes. I put 6’3/1.92 in my bio. There’s my profile


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Autistic pictures

Read this too

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Autistic pictures

Read this too

So what should I do
Eric Andre looking ahh boi 🤣

Which country / city in particular? SEA is a big place. We look similar and Tinder works fine for me.
Nigger I mog him and u to death


Haha yeah you mog me supposedly yet no matches. Hmmm.

I always get matches when I spoof to Thailand and my pics are probably worse than yours minus the blatant autism and antisocial vibe.

For anyone else reading this, I've lived in SEA for a while now and know how to run pretty efficient Tinder and IG game. If you want help on setting up a profile, a critique or general advice, hit me up.
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they like white skin, you have darker skin than them. why would a girl date down? stay in the west retard
Also you’re even more autistic than me with ur studies
prove me wrong. + you wouldnt be competition. girls want to be as white as possible. not become even darker jfl..

girls date up(to white)

not down.. to black..
your problem is you look exactly like them

they want literally the opposite of all of your features