Recommendation Why do you need to be flawless victory (zero flaws) before you go geomaxx?


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
Like @AlexBrown84 have said countries have been more globalized and saturated it would more or less be the same in major cities particularly upper middle and higher, especially for male height where the minimum would be 6' passing save for some exception countries that are known to be manlets.

That attribute alone is enough to eliminate at least two thirds of all younger generation males. Now if you factor any facial flaws be it a NCT lazy eye or wide ipd or a bulbous nose or recessed chin or acne or crooked teeth (those are weak spots where your enemy can inflict maximum physical damage compared to other normal parts, they would even meter burn on that hit to triple the damage to kill you in one strike). If any of the said weak spots should you have, that would be 30 percent punish if lucky, normally it's 40 to closer of 50 percent per flaw, two flaws is pretty much a death combo resulting in a brutality especially coupled with can't pass a 6 footer. Any more you can't even qualify to play in the beginning.

Remember even if you geomaxx you will still see the same women just having as high standards as the ones you see in the west and the males just want to maul whoever showing any kind of weakness, both just having different tones of skins.

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