white people are gods of this worl

Oct 12, 2022
im part bisexual (90% into women tho) and date trans/femboys but even in faggotry whites are most desired.

had one lgbt experience in my life and it was with a trans. Sex with that white boy was better than sex i had with ethnic girls.

White people are just amazing

they should be rewarded for just existing. Paid for just having blue eyes. If a white tells me to give up my wife i would. Since i know if i loved her, giving her to that white man would be the best thing i could do for her.

Us ethnics need to stop this cope and just let it be. The forces that change this will never act in our favour, we are cucks

@predeterminism @The 13th Warrior @poki @fatchadlitecel
Based black man

Remember: both black women and black men are ugly as fuck. However black women only need rhinoplasty. Black men are so boneless they need to become plastic surgery monstrisities AND get a rhinoplasty or kill themselves and pray they get reincarnated as white

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