which asian country is good for a mulatto like me

philippines and thailand sounds like it would be easy to slay but they're worse looking than east asians imo and east asia is more pleasant
should I go to korea, japan, or SEA? If I went to korea or japan would I get decent play or should I just go to SEA, don't know whether japan or korea is more tolerant towards foreigners.

My skin is close to this guys skintone(pic is not me):1669090286556.png

have brown eyes though so I don't have light eye halo but I still look more exotic than blacks ig

TLDR: I wanna preferably slay koreans>japanese>if i cant get either SEA, do I even have a chance in korea will they see me as black
Why are all these good looking 6'5" guys geomaxxing? Do you have autism or something? Makes no sense.

I guess if you're obsessed with Asian foids then yeah it makes sense to go to Asia since the yellow slanty eyed pussy cartel in the West (generally) only fuck white Bois or NBA niggas.
hqnp asian girls in the states worship white guys even manlets it's extremely frustrating knowing my psl is lower than a 3/10 5'6 cumskin with blonde hair to asians