Where should I geomax


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
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I heard it's mostly whites for geomaxxers, I would be destroyed by white competitors no cap
nah bro. like 99.9% of the population is still filipinos

its about mogging the locals, not the odd rare foreigner

check saturation rate here

South America. I heard they are hot for asians, larp as korean-american and you could slay
If you want to see my face: https://geomax.me/threads/khristmas-present-face-reveal-pic-in-link.915/

- 6' in my nike shoes (could go to 6'2-3 with my basketball shoes and maxed out lifts)
- Face in link in top
- Lightskinned Chinese (HK)
- Mild Autism
- 20+ inches Bideltoids (measured by a straight metal measuring tape)
- 21 yo rn
- Living in Ontario

@BrettyBoy @fatchadlitecel @thereallegend @predeterminism @WannabeChad @Aphex @The 13th Warrior @AlexBrown84
bro u wanna trade pics? Im half asian turkic ethnically trying to geomax to ee. we have similar stats too but u bideltoid mog me
doesnt even matter at this point bro

wherever you go , there will be handsome n great womanisers like @SubSigma who will womanise all the girls and leave you with nothing

you are competing with some of the greatest womanisers in history such as SubSigma

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