Where can I rent a house in sea for cheap. Need one to bring asian foids back to

rent airbnb for 1 month and ask foids after coitus how and where they rent houses and flats in thailand
compare monthly airbnb places around sea and choose

hanoi or phnom penh i would say have the cheapest places to stay
Have u ever been approached? Would 6'2 white blond guy do well? Is the healthcare good also bc i end up in hospital a lot
youd be a god there. fuck soycare. fuck doctors. the only doctor you should trust is doctor verwoerd.
Go on Air B&B and look for listings that are attached to a company. Call/message the company directly to get a monthly rate. That's what a German guy told me he does.
fuck those sea monkey mutts for relisting rentals at marked up prices. they are more unoriginal than aboriginals.

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