Story When western women fail to start a family this is what they do

Cuban men are really good at hustling western women like this. I know someone from my highschool (a few years older than me) that's in a long-distance relationship with a Cuban guy she met on the beach down there. Last I saw she was a wagie at a grocery store that saves all her money so she can either return or bring him over.

I was also on a business trip to the Caribbean and encountered the same thing, this femcel from new york was drinking at the hotel bar with us and basically laid out her life story. She is basically betabuxxing this Cuban guy, buying him flights and trying to sort out their visa situation so that he could come to this other island resort and fuck her lmao.
“What happens in Gambia, stays in Gambia,” Barbara, an eightysomething woman from Manchester says with a wink, as her wedding band glints in the beach bar’s lights. “There’s so much candy in here it’s hard to control yourself . . . even at my age.”

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