What people don't understand about mewing.

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Jul 31, 2022
Growth of the face is determined by HGH.

Therefore mewing can only synchronise the rate at which the upper and lower jaw grow.

Mewing can not remodel the face only direct a preexisting growth pattern (which is determined by your childhood bone structure) to it's end goal.

If you have a 180 degree gonial angle you are fucked and need jaw surgery NOT MEWING.

However if you have a good base you should increase your HGH levels in order to achieve mewing gains.

Ways of increasing HGH

  • L-DOPA supplementation
  • High intensity exercise
  • Hot showers/saunas
  • Increasing protein consumption
  • Losing bodyfat
  • Injecting (the most legit way)
  • Improving sleep quality.
  • Fasting

citations: cba (get fucked).
I think I have proof of mewing improving my eye area (shrinking eyelid exposure) but it's hard to say really. This is over about 10 years as well.
How long does T stay in the detectable in the system if you were to take a drug test (asking for a friend)?
Depends on what ester you use, for common ones like Cypionate and Enanthate it should be out in like 2 weeks maybe up to 3 before its completely gone from your system however longer ones like undecanoate will take about 3 months.

Keep in mind the only reason you would wait it out would be to if you were going to hop off test, if you solely want it to go undetected then I would lower dosage down for a week (90-150 depending on how well your body responds to test; basically keep it in the upper normal acceptable range which is 900-1300 ng/dl) and it should be good. Not many places test for testosterone (being on synthetic tests will not give a positive on general drug tests) so you shouldn't even have to worry about that unless you're competting in some bb show.

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