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Should I go for French instead (on a different app if you could recommend)?

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Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
I used to do some German since 2018 out of boredom but since pandemic I was barely doing anything other than just spamming some stories to stay in leagues. Now the whole app has gone postal with those shitty updates and very low XPs and I am considering to quit it. I used to have like 60 percent progress to barely 30 percent to the current update. German is super tough on grammar.

Mind you I have already knew Cantonese and Mandarin too.

I'm wondering about French tbh @fatchadlitecel @The 13th Warrior @AlexBrown84 @predeterminism @poki
If I were to learn German I would:
  1. Use Anki (or any other flashcard app) to learn the 1000 most common words in Germany. This usually gives you an 80% conversational proficiency in most languages.
  2. Use sites like wikipedia to research how the grammar works. Read (and then write) in German to understand how the grammar works and compare your research notes to help you identify what sentences are being formed in the text you are reading.
  3. Listen and speak German.
From point 2 you should be adding words to flashcards that you come across that aren't included in your original flashcard.
Ayo btw what app you recommend me to learn French though? NOT Duolingo though.
Idk I don’t use apps

Flash cards for basic phrases etc, in person classes, repetition and immersion

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