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Aug 10, 2022
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There are various kinds of Black Pillers:

  1. The genuinely unfortunate who through some deformity, disability or simply bad luck looks wise. No matter what they do, practically no one will ever be interested. I think this group is an extremely small minority of men. (I'm here)
  2. Men (generally young men) who have only experienced rejection from women. They have little indication that women could be interested, but they could find some if they improved a bit. However, reading incel stuff has convinced them that only Chad will attract women and so they become depressed over the endless repetition that women will never want them. They tend to be shy men who are highly over analytical when it comes to women. They would probably improve their chances if they stayed away from blackpillers, exercising and putting themselves out there at parties and in everyday life.
  3. Men who are lazy who use blackpillery to justify their refusal to engage in any form of self improvement. They tend to take systemic problems and use it as an excuse to not try anything, as they claim it would never result in interest from women. They tend to dismiss any advice given to them and will publish statistics to show that self improvement is pointless.
Overall, black pillers are generally negative in their outlook and they wallow in self pity. Maybe things will work out, maybe they will not. But incorporating a negative worldview will lead to depression and resentment that will actively harm your chances with women (and frankly, even in socialising generally.)