What are your opinions on climate change?

It's real

  • It's fake lol

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  • Undecided

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  • It's real but exaggerated

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  • It's very real

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It's very real, We are up for a difficult future.
All we need to prevent climate change is limit our dependence on fossil fuels through renewable and efficient energy innovations this will allows us to slow down climate change until we can fully implement a solution such as safe nuclear energy (since it takes so much time to plan and build a nuclear station).
Definitely real but pretty much nobody is taking it seriously in most of the world. The long-term solution involves getting most people out of cars permanently and switching to less efficient but more sustainable methods of farming (switching ammonium nitrate with natural fertilizer/potash, getting rid of factory farming for cows and make them eat their natural grass diet instead, etc.) which will lower the population capacity of the planet.

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