Advice Vietnam good place to geomaxx?


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Aug 24, 2022
Recently returned from geomaxxing in Singapore. Very good country although it was harder than I thought to get slays. Anyway a vietnamese chick I was with said I should go to Vietnam with her ( I decline because she was 29 and im 20). Should I go there? It will be way cheaper than Singapore and it seems like a very beautiful country.
How did you like being with an older girl?

I’m 20 also and was with 26 and 28 year old here in Thailand and omg they’re so annoying and dress so old I can’t do it anymore lol
she was cute and didn't look 29 more like 24 max. After the night we slept together we got breakfast and lunch (she paid because she said I should save my money as I am a university student lol) and I said my goodbyes. It was a good experience

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