Thinking of going Bangkok in December


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Aug 22, 2022
Height: 190cm,
Age: Early twenties,
Colour: Black-Caramel variant,
Hair: Short may get waves or grow twists again depending,
Physique: 24% Bodyfat, Weight: 89kg,
Face: Unsure, attractive to East African,Caribbean,Afro-latina women and Arab women, 0 interest with white or oriental asians at home,Indian/Pakistaini women don't think im black and west african women are hostile,
Total budget: £1500-£2000,
Residence: Condo,
Solo mission.​

Looking to have my first ever holiday in like 10 years in bangkok. From the start of December 1st to 11th . Want to weedmax/ediblemax, do some touristy activities here,try some muay thai and there and mostly just have a chill time and scouting, if all goes well will be visiting pattaya with friends in june next year.

Got a few questions for any Thailand veterans.

These stats will change with time as im working out and may increase budget, however how much fun do you think I'll have there currently with those stats?

Now I obviously want a girl to fuck with during the holiday.
How easy is it to find a blasian cutie? Honestly if I can find one I'll just stick with her during the trip and have her as a companion throughout.

What apps/website would you recommend and why for sourcing?

Is this king treatment thing a myth? I'm always hearing that these girls are doing the most for there providers, cooking,cleaning, massaging ect, just curious on the extent

How does it work money-wise with the chicks in bangkok? Do I provide her the boyfriend experience and pay for her shit and she gives me wifey treatment or is it like pattaya where I just ask "where you go?" and give them 3000baht to fuck for a day?

Does Thailand live up to the hype, foodwise in quality,quantity and price?

That's basically it I would apologise for the shit formatting but this is the only forum I actually post on i'm not use to this shit,fuck you.

Lets here your thoughts.

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