Looks The real reason Asians wear face masks


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Because when only their eyes are visible, they have an insane looks halo.

East Asians on average have the best eye area + are thin, making them look like 8+/10's with the rest of their face covered.

I saw this today, there was an extremely cute Asian girl who came into a coffee shop near me with her boyfriend. She looked like this and kept her mask on for like 10 min, until she got her food/coffee.


Your mind imagines that she looks like this


But then she took it off and had a subhuman lower third


I don't think they actually care about covid/masking, I think they just want to hide their lower thirds.
This is so fuckin true.

Have seen many asians I would consider VERY attractive.

But as soon as they put their masks away, well.... different story
i have yellow fever so it doesnt matter. every asian girl is good looking to me. id rather have awakwafina than a 10/10 white stacy.