Recommendation The (Near) Future of Geomaxxing is Europe


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Average monthly after tax income


Middle class Europeans in most of Europe are literally making the same or less than minimum wage plebs in North America now

I've been to Portugal recently, these countries are nice, affordable, safe, high quality public transit, high English fluency, and great places to hang out and the food quality is much higher than in North America. I literally did an all-day trip through a wine river valley with food & wine and tasting vintages for like $60? The same thing in Napa or Niagara would cost you 2-3x as much. You can grab a cold beer for $1 (even a 1L beer if degen) and hang out in the park or along the harbor or beach drinking and nobody will bother you like in no fun allowed bullshit anglo countries. Even a nice night out at a restaurant with appetizers, wine, entrée, etc. is like $20/person all in and there's no expectation to leave a fat tip.

The reality is it's cheaper to live in these places than the ghettos of most major American cities and the majority of people here speak English as a second language (Portugal and Croatia).


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It's really over for me.
I believe that Hungary and Czechia have the highest % of female pornstars so it may be a good idea to look into those countries too.