News Tell @vaninskybird from that I apologize to him

Thomas DOM

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Jan 31, 2023
I just realized that Vaninskybird didnt actually harass Iasarcko or supported what anoright did to Iasarcko. I confused him with someone else

One thing is true though , vaninskybird did JFL react a thread Moggerchad made "exposing Iasarcko height" but thats forgiveable since its very minor , i mean who tf cares about height anyway? Only jealous khhv incels are obsessed about "exposing someones real height"

I apologize to Vaninskybird and im sure Iasarcko have nothing against him either since he did show sympathy to Iasarcko when anoright and dimorphism tried contacting a girl who Iasarcko liked

//Thomas DOM

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