@SubSigma is a womaniser

brother of willy

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Mar 4, 2023
@SubSigma is a womaniser, he is up there with the greatest of the great like willy

the myth goes that SubSigma womanises 23 hours a day and 1 hour a day he repents to allahu for womanising

no sleep no rest , just womanising and then repenting for womanising

imagine SubSigma in Eastern Europe , he will get a massive harem for his own and there will be no girl left for slavic men .

men wanna be him n women wanna be with him
@Bestimmung bro imagine SubSigma and Willy in the same continent , there will be no girl left for you , how will you cope bro?

it is what it really is man

SubSigma has women spell bound

he is simply too handsome
does he have a big penis? is it circumcised?

SubSigmas penis is 13 inches flaccid and 15 inches erect

the world circulates around his massive penis , just like all women on earth circulates around his handsome womaniser aura

you could try his penis enlargement routine , but i dont know if you would be able to handle it , hanging 40 kilo weights on your penis , thats something us mortals are not capable of , only great men like SubSigma and Willy are able to do it.
nobody womanises like SubSigma does

women have full body orgasms just from making a few seconds of eyecontact with the handsome SubSigma , no touching is even needed
he has an all natural 15 inch. his parents loved him and could never imagine hurting him and thats why they opted out to have him circumcised. he gets the best of everything in life. meanwhile everyone here is circumcucked because our parents sold us out.

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