Street interview: Nigerian men and Nigerian women were asked whether theyd like to date white. Both gave vastly different responses.


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Oct 9, 2022
Nigerian women

Nigerian men

TL;DW: The women said yes, without much hesitation, while the men gave long-winded answers that ultimately boiled down to No.
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Reasons why Nigerian women said yes to dating white men:

- They're brave, romantic, "evolved more intellectually", honest, etc.
Most of the reasonings given were the same old "I think they are (insert good personality traits)." Basically a lot of blue-pilled reasons
- They had already dated one already and thought he was nice
- "I think they're cute." "I would say they are cute to look at." And some responses involving physical attraction.
- They don't discriminate between race "White, Black, Green, Blue"
Reasons why Nigerian women said no to dating white men:
- They had bad experiences with an ex
- They didn't like their skin-tone, or they thought white men all look the same (basically they were incapable of differentiating between members of the white race)
- Their parents wouldnt permit them to marry one

Reasons why Nigerian men said no to dating a white lady:
- They perceived white women to be more feminist, bossy, blunt, violent
Re: violence; a few of them had concerns over being hit and slapped)
One guy narrated an incident of a white woman shooting a black man in the neck once she caught him cheating
- They didn't like white skin, or that white ladies lacked "boos" (the "boo" guy said that physical attraction was a prerequisite compared to personality)
- One guy had a husband
- white women don't tolerate cheating very well
- Some of them were fine dating AFAM women compared to white ones
Physical attraction, feminist personality, and reactions to cheating were all lengthily discussed. Compared to the women, who were straightforward and mostly said yes, Black men took their time to say No.
Reasons why Nigerian men said yes to dating a white lady:
- They were pretty and had nice skin
- They would date one but not marry one
- One of them studied in a missionary school with several white students and wanted to marry one since then
- They had already dated one or two

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