State of Thai girls in 2022

listen, in asia. im sure many of you know this. dark skin is the sign of poverty or extremely low working class. Like a rice picker.

So the lighter your skin is, the more "rich or important" you are considered to be.

Its why in asia land, you will go to the pharmacy, and you will NEVER if rarely find "suntan lotion" but you will easily find "whitening" creams.

this is why jbw works in asia land. especially if you have blue eyes. You can be ugly as fuck and fat. you got blue eyes and white. Asian girls will fawn all over you. I have been to asia lands many many times. I have seen it many times first hand. It's wierd i know, but the nigger jew has not gotten into everything mainstream yet in asia lands. So niggers are still disliked. Slowly being more accepted. but i know for example in indonsia. black dudes are getting pussy, but it's not hot pussy like the US of A.

you get the low class mid tier pussy. and if you think as a white guy, the white girl is dead after being with a nigger. Imagine how an asian feels about that girl, when he sees her with a nigger. She's a complete outcast. At least with a filthy white guy, your kids will be more beautiful, cause of their skin. But a black guy, forgetaboutit. (and just going by what i have seen in the countries i have been in) have not yet been everywhere in asia lands, so maybe it's different in other places.

utimately the reason niggers are so prized in the usa. is because all the jew media and shit push racism. Girls see these black guys that are painted as cool and hip and you want to be different and not racist. fuck a black guy. Then you got that myth they continue to push that black guys have bigger dicks, it's to their benefit they keep that myth going. if your white guy pubes stuck to your ball sack like they were glued on, we would all look 1 inch bigger. Hence why black guys look bigger, they got that curly pubes that stick to their ball sacks giving them the appearence of 1 inches more. on average penis sizes.
Neg and then positive

ya, you have really brown skin, but our babys will be so white and cute.

there in that sentence you just agreed with her, put her down so you didn't simp and you seem somewhat of a challenge, but said this is a sex relationship (no simping) and if we fuck i will have a future with you, and we will have beautiful babys which hits all her buttons. Done

thank you, i will be here all week.


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