Advice Should I surgerymax or geomax?


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At this point I feel like being in the West/U.S is going to be extremely difficult for me to ever have GF/LTR. I'm a KHHV Incel I lack attractiveness in my face and height.

So this is prompting me to move to SEA just by running JBW to the locals at SEA who are more shorter and dark-skinned than NEA.

I would like to stay in the west and maybe surgerymax but it's too much to fix for my Subhuman face. Honestly I feel like surgery is a meme unless it's like rhino or something.

I feel like saving money for SEA would just be easier. Thoughts?


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If you already have the money just get the surgery first

If not, then go geomax and save up money then go to the west to to get major surgeries. The language barrier is pretty difficult to communicate with surgeons in SEA countries from my experience
Yes I have money for surgery in the west. But I think it will be a waste of money/time. Especially when I have too many failos.

Also I don't have a remote job so I'm kinda fucked if I want to move to SEA