SEO tips to write high IQ threads.

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Jul 31, 2022
1. Use long form titles + Niche down.

In order to explain this point lets take two thread titles:

"Best travel destinations in SEA."


"Best unsaturated travel destinations in SEA for hikers and photographers in 2022."

Why is the 2nd one better? Because it appeals to 5 different audiences.
  1. People who want to travel to unsaturated travel destinations
  2. People who want to travel to SEA.
  3. People who are looking for hiking destinations.
  4. People who are looking for photography destinations.
  5. People who are looking for places to travel to in 2022.
Another reason why the 2nd title is better is because the more you niche down on a topic the easier it is too write.

Thirdly, a long form title gives readers a greater "sneak-peak" into what you are going to talk about in your thread.

2. The Skyscraper Method

Stuck for things to write about? Copy a previous thread but finds ways to update and improve. You can also focus on certain points in a previous thread and expand on them in detail.

3. A thread doesn't have to be long in order to be high IQ

People don't appreciate it when you make threads longer than they need to be in order to sound high IQ. Bullet pointed lists are fine if you can't find more stuff to add into the list.

4. Adding links, lots of keywords, photos and videos drastically increase view count since it increases web SEO on places such as google images.

Add links to site as well as previous threads.

5. The idea thread length seems to 2,500 words.

This is what 2500 words looks like:
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However don't worry if you go over 2,500 words. It's not that big of a deal.
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