ROM Hack Culties at it again.


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Nov 7, 2022
I’m reluctant to talk to BHDN, but as far as that topic about that SMW Waifu hacc is concerned, GoodSet usually wasted time making sure there were no headered SNES ROMs in it. You have to add the header with that retarded Lunar Magic editor or something else before you patch it since the editor doesn’t work on unheadered RAWMs.

As usual, I think someone just said it’s time to start posting updates for the Genesis archive.

What's the problem with this Streets of Rage 2 hack, you say? There are some dank patches missing:
Since everyday is Archive All The Everything Day, and culties are whining about furry & loli content, the Genesis update is something I’ve been postponing for when the New ROM count goes a lil’ past 200 (thanks, /vr/oomers). This one’s a special one with quite a bit of content in there to make them all seethe beyond recognition. Let’s have some more fun.