News Putting an end to the cope that White girls are going to South Korea [Statistically debunked]


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Sep 1, 2022
some asian autists keep posting a statistic that more women visit South Korea than men. which I think is true

Then post a few cherrypicks of white women there

So it gives the effect that White women are geomaxxing to south korea

But the reality is, if you look at their tourism stats, its actually other asians visiting there


95% of visits to South Korea, are other asian countries visiting there.

5% is white americans visiting there

It's more women than men going there. But as shown by the marriage stats below. It's 95% POOR asian women , geomaxxing there. like wives of betabuxx


But White men go there and marry at 10x higher rates than White women

so 4.5% of visits to south korea is white men

95% of visits to south korea are other asians

0.5% of visits to south korea is white women

Which completely debunks their made-up cope that white women geomaxx there.

> White men come in and cuck them and steal their women at a 10x rate.

> Korean men import other asian women from poor countries to betabuxx

> thats why more women than men are going to south korea. its asian women to betabuxx.

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