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Dec 31, 2022
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Blackpill Trip report from meeting a chinese girl [warning: brag thread] (1 Viewer)​




Trip report from meeting a chinese girl [warning: brag thread]

dyed my hair blonder, got 3 inch lifts in big balenciaga shoes for 4 inch heght increase

did the amnesia method where u bring slippers with 3 inch lifts in them , but i also brought some pajama bottoms under my trousers to cover the slippers ankles

met some chinese girl late at night at her student dorm thing, she seemed very nervous and said she hasnt had a guy back to hers yet

also i talked to her for like a month before meeting + got her banned from tinder seperating her from my competition

she was reallyy hot when i first saw her

went inside hers

was a bit awkward at the start she didnt say much but she seemed happy

poured some wine for us both and watched a movie in her bed

also this was where the amnesia slipper lifts strategy was crucial. i asked to go the toilet

took off my 4 inch balenciaga lifts shoes, put them in a bag, took off my trousers, kept my pajama bottoms on, put on my lifts slippers

so i could just get into the lifts slippers every time i wanted to get out of her bed

watched a movie for like an hour and a half,

then was going to have sex raw, and she kept saying we need a condom

i just said we're not going to have sex and just ignored her and went raw

fucked her pretty hard, her pussy wasnt as pink as white girls but it looked hot

she was hairy down there but i liked it, made it hard to get suction on her clit tho sometimes

fucked her missionary, deep as fuck. kinda hurt my dick sometimes. i think my dick was too big for her.

and she was really tight

fucked from the side while rubbing her clit and kissing

doggy, prone bone while kissing

and missionary but pinned her legs back really hard angled my dick to the gspot + rubbing her clit

think i made her cum a lot , leg shaking orgasms, loud as fuck,

made her cum especially when i was fucking her angled towards gspot + rubbing her clit wet asf consistently

her body was avg weight, she still had a smallish waist in doggy like skinny 16yo girls do, avg boobs, avg ass. golden skin. her skin was beautiful. but she seemed insecure about it and called me white but her black lol

fucked her twice that night, second time i cummed in her like 1 squirt, but i heard her make a disappointed noise and it bought me back to reality so i pulled out quick as fuck to cum the rest just on top of her pussy

just cuddled with her and talked

couldnt sleep till like 8am

laid on her boobs while she held me then we fell asleep for a bit

woke up in the morning, she cooked a nice chinese breakfast

cuddled all day, had sex again

made her let me cum in her mouth and i could tell there was a lot of cum

then she just dribbed it out after i was finished and we both burst into laughter

went town and had cocktails in a pub, took cute photos

then went to the cinema to watch avatar

saw loads of chink guys who height mogged me but were alone or with other guys

stared down every chink guy i saw that day and they all looked away

then at the end of the night we were walkign down some pathway and some chink got nervous and didnt know which way to get around us and panicked

so i just bodied him and he said sorry in a whimpery voice and i didnt say anything

then got back to hers, she gave me a souvineer present she got from where she last went travelling

then went home and she seems still interested which is a surprise since ive got rejected on my last 8 first dates

but i didnt wear lifts or looksmax for them but did this time

looked at the photos i took with her

honestly im such a truecel. so ugly. and short. honestly i dont blame her if she doesnt wanna meet me again.

only thing ive got is ideal pheno for ethnic girls. but im gonna edit the photos i took with her and send them to her