niggas have always been geomaxxing

Oct 12, 2022
look at this insane stat

"80 percent of women reproduced, whereas only 40 percent of men did."

Now read this, this is why men didnt reproduce (has nothing to do with looks btw)

bitches in past were evil, same way today on tinder 1% of chads get most of play
For men, the outlook was radically different. If you go along with the crowd and play it safe, the odds are you won’t have children. Most men who ever lived did not have descendants who are alive today. Their lines were dead ends. Hence it was necessary to take chances, try new things, be creative, explore other possibilities.

Only men who had offspring were the ones who geomaxx to other places where they have specific desired traits (height, eye color, dimorphism etc) which is reason for the diversity on globe since races have always been mixing and theres nothing wrong with that

Men in west have already realized this and are trying to reopress women (roe vs wade, overton window shifting right, rise of trump, jordan peterson etc)

but its too late western women are done idk why cuckservaties dont realise this, if you want to have a good life with a good woman asia is way to go

alhamdulilah for geomaxxing

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