My boss at my old job was an early generation SEAmaxxer


6ft4. geomaxxed. moneymaxxed. catmaxxed.get mogged
Sep 1, 2022
Dude was like a 45yo roofer I was working for him and oblivious of geomaxxing and blackpill at the time

And he said he would work 6 months and have enough money to go Thailand for like a year or two no working smoke weed on the beach all day and fuck girls

He did it like 15 years ago

Back then it must’ve been insane proper early generation SEAmaxxing shit must’ve been like a celebrity with his light blue eyes

Had a Thai girls name tattoo’d on him and was embarrassed to tell me but I kept bugging him asking who it was

Said they like western men, and listed all the reasons we know today

He said u can go, just have a little bit of money around u. Feed ur Thai gf and she will just stick around with u for the entire holiday

Crazy tho me being oblivious to it at the time and it going over my head now following in his exact footsteps

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