"Muhh Korean zoomers are extremly tall"

not really related but idk where this idea that zoomers are taller comes from
most young white dudes at my uni campus are around 175-77 i'd say (new zealand)
cant imagine its higher than that in asia
I read the first 10 chapters of this, it was pretty good
Yeah, it gets kinda shit later on though.

But the author definitifly seems blackpilled, I mean later on he literally includes shoe lifts and shoulder pats.

Also the "just get a haircut" meme
Shoe lifts work well if you can walk and run with them with decent agility and timing as well as quick get up. Shoulder pads should be used as interior of heavy shoulder armor to have comfort, the said armor should be used as a shoulder charge in breaker or amplify in matches, never combo starters.

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Yeah I have lifted weights in my elevators before, they are not very noticeable or uncomfortable

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