Vent Losing hope


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Just as I thought SEA was a good idea. I realized how am I going meet women as a ugly autistic sperg? Online dating will be suicide fuel because I look Incel tier in photos. I need to fucking hardmaxx with 5 surgeries before I go to SEA.

Clubbing as a Twink will be embarrassing af because I look like a child in public. I don't know what to do at this point.

Unless JBW + Money can truly be the deal breaker for me to escape Inceldom
You can always fuck the escorts there
Idk bro I legit my end myself rn and not live. I just measured my height for like a hour. I kept getting my measurements wrong. I almost punched a hole in the wall. For being 1cm shorter than I thought I was.
looksmax, wear shoes with lifts and brands that add extra inch. make sure to have good amount of money and learn to chill, have 1 drink but not too much. learn to relax around people, if you have chance to travel it maybe good opportunity

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