London Trip Report


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Jul 31, 2022
Just got back from London the past week

so many cute koreans and chinese girls

food isn’t too expensive for a top tier city

plenty of things to do and seems like almost every street has something historic on it

buses are pretty fun to ride

after living in the jungles of southeast asia for the past year, i quite enjoyed the weather and rain

couldn’t possibly imagine taking the subway everyday as there’s barely any internet in it most of the times

even though there’s lots of ethnics, i didn’t really mind as most of them speak good english and can build an interesting reaction off of that

went to an english breakfast shop and the owner scammed me out of a couple pounds. i think he was turkish or something

my first day going to london from the airport i watched as some ethnic broke into a shop. i thought rest of my trip would be like that but nah. probably cuz i was in central london

seems like no actual british people work. i wokeup at 7am to go for a walk once and it was just full of ethnics commuting to work with a depressed look on their face. why are so many people awake at that hour on a tuesday?

@predeterminism do british people not work? seems like they all just walk their dogs and go to cafes but once again could’ve been just because i was in central london

overall a good city. best in europe i’ve seen so far