left blackpill space for 4 months.

Oct 12, 2022
Came back after 4 months to see threads on looksmax, only to see the same regurgitated racepill, psl autism and homosexual chad worship. Honestly feel for these dudes, in their prime ages yet spending it on image boards talking about muh bbc.

Spent most of my free time moneymaxxing, currently generating 4k monthly with my SEO business. Small steps.

All in all, leaving these echo chambers is good for mental health imo. Planning a trip to Korea in summer, will be back then to report how much SMV mixed/black guys really have there.
It's a shit forum tbh ran by the same people. Just full of edgy zoomers. They are other blackpill sites though
Same people as what? What are good other blackpill sites? I'm too ugly and high inhib for Looksmax.

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