Vent Leaving the blackpill community now


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So, I have a few million USD to spare, pretty much at this point I know my problem is my face (and it's fucking ugly); without that face I admit I could have betabuxxed(ing), guess my mom still cares about me despite me being literally facially ugly/deformed. Pretty much at this point if I could do surgery I would tbh. At this point if you are 5/10+ you should have focused on NTmaxxing and careermaxxing instead of rotting on this goddamn forum.

At least i'm rich as well so I might cope with sex dolls and hobbies at this point, but what's the point if you are ugly as fuck? Sometimes I feel bored but I talk to other people (they are also ugly/short as well), I used to cope with retrogaming, I might cope for a while before roping.

Anyway, thanks for the criticisms aabout my looks, i'm leaving the blackpill community now. There are a lot of fakecels here, and my bet is to stay away from them. At least if you aren't short or ugly it isn't ovER - it's just that some people are in the bottom of the dating rung that needs to accept their fates.

The community has made me depressed then I already was, but at least I know the truth now. I still enjoy activites with ym friends and non-abusive family but that might be cope I guess.

So yeah, thanks for my time in the incel community, and I hope you can ascend if it is possible. After all, no one deserves to be incel.

You might tell me to kill myself becuase i'm the ugliest motherfucker on the internet, but honestly after being called it I suddernly don;t want to do it anymore. It's a true ACHIEVEMENT being the ugliest man in the world. Who knows? One day I most likely will do it anyways.

Sinister, signing off.
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6'3. end your life now you subhuman mongoloid freak

asian women cuck you for white men every day and theres nothing you can do about it

you are the lowest of the low. not welcome anywhere in this world because ur already bottom tier
because of race?


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you didn't even say "I hope you find peace in the afterlife"
not like I desever it but still...

well be grateful you are 6'3'' and white though
yep forever superior to you and theres nothing you can do about it

*spits on you* subhuman scum

kill urself already what are u waiting for